Enisala Fortress – Lonely Stronghold by the Black Sea

A solitary and winding road goes towards the lake that was once part of the Black Sea, reaching the Enisala Fortress that used to watch the commercial roads from its heights. Most likely built Genovese merchants during the 14th century, it is built on top of a rocky hill, a short distance from the village of Enisala. There was a settlement here from ancient times, known as Heracleea for the Greeks and Yeni-Sale for the Ottomans. Seen on the background of the blue skies, with the lake of Razim in front the gentle plains of Dobrogea behind, Enisala Fortress is enveloped in a mystical aura.

Enisala Fortress – At the edge of Romania, between the ancient lands of Dobrogea and the always changing empire of the sea, the walls and towers of an old fortress rise from the depths of time.

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Although just ruins now, part of its former glory can still be found between its ageless walls and towers. The panoramas that open from within the fortress are truly fascinating, with the nearby lakes housing various species of birds and the distant breeze of the sea. Centuries ago, the large lake of Razim was a gulf of the Black Sea, but after it was blocked by sand barriers from the sea, the fortress was abandoned shortly after. Of the former defensive structures in Enisala Fortress only part of the walls and towers still stand, the most impressive being the main gate bastion. Although there not many interesting elements inside the courtyard, it is worth visiting this special place for its unique location and the splendid surrounding landscapes.

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