I wish my works would rise in parks and public gardens, for children to play over them, like they would play over rocks or monuments born from the ground, nobody knowing what they are and who made them, but everyone to feel their necessity and friendship, like something that is part of the soul of Nature! (Constantin Brâncuși)

Surrounded by the majestic peaks of the Carpathians and touched by the Jiu River, is a place of peace and serenity… Cultural and artistic destination, the „City of Brâncuși” is the only place in the world where the sky has been eternally stitched to the earth through the virtuous Endless Column. In this small provincial town of southwestern Romania, travelers can find the roots of modern art, the universal symbols of love and a place for meditation. With its quiet atmosphere and charm, this town might not be among the most famous places in Romania… But little known by many travelers, it protects a treasure of world heritage. Created in the years before the Second World War as homage to the heroes of the First War, the Heroes Path monuments are the grand masterpieces of Constantin Brâncuși. 

The best place to start a visit is from the city park of Târgu Jiu, a small green oasis with secular trees and shaded alleys that also features the first part of the Heroes Path complex. Right on the bank of Jiu River, the Table of Silence marks the beginning of a symbolic journey imagined by the genius of Brâncuși. Walking east towards the park’s entry, the Chairs’ Alley connects the Table to the second grand monument, the Gate of the Kiss. Crossing the city center along the Heroes Path Street, visitors can easily reach the final monument, visible from afar. The impressive Endless Column is among the most famous monumental works of art in the world. These fascinating landmarks, although easily exceptional on their own, have to be considered and admired as a whole, a homogenous artistic complex filled with deep meanings and symbols.

The minimalist style of the Table of Silence has been praised for decades. The perfect symmetry and circularity of the table and the surrounding twelve chairs creates a space of deep contemplation. Symbolizing the silence of deep thought and meditation, the table is created by two perfect stone cylinders. Around the table, at equal distance from it and from one another, there are twelve clepsydre chairs. For some, the monument also symbolizes the Last Supper with Jesus at the center surrounded by the twelve apostles. Between the Table of Silence and the next monument of the axis, there is an alley flanked by a series of stone chairs, five groups of three chairs on each side.

Following a charming alley through the park, flanked by two rows of square clepsydre chairs, the second monument is visible at a short walk away. The monumental Gate of the Kiss at the entrance of the city is a symbol of love. The stylization of the kiss symbol has been a lifelong purpose for Brâncuși. The stone Gate of the Kiss is a sort of triumphal arch like many others around the world, but unlike any, it takes a humane scale. Brâncuși has managed to create an everlasting testament of love in stone. Some critics have declared that the main element of the gate is the empty space within, the stone embracing the air. Couples that pass through the gate have the custom of kissing under the arch. Leaving the park, one has to cross the city towards the last monument of the Heroes Path.

On the same axis as the first two monuments but about 1 kilometer away on the other side of the city, the Endless Column is among the most famous and important monuments of modern art. The column was the only monument commissioned by the city to honor the heroes of World War I, but Brâncuși created a whole complex that takes universal proportions. The absolute simplicity and perfect proportions of this masterpiece makes it continue upwards for infinity, connecting the earth and the sky, the living and the departed. Made of cast iron, the column consists of 15 full square clepsydre elements and two halves at both ends. It rises almost 30 meters high and weighs almost 30 tons. Inspired by traditional motifs sculpted by peasants into their wooden porches, the Endless Column has to be admired from all angles, taking new forms and meanings.

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