Romania through the eyes of artists

Romania through the Eyes of Artists

There are many ways to experience a travel destination, but to truly understand a place, one has to go beyond the usual surface and immerse into the atmosphere and character, into the local culture and its characteristics, into the customs and traditions of a country. Among the most experiential and fascinating destinations in this world, Romania has gained its well-deserved spot, more and more acknowledged as one of the greatest treasures. Beyond its immensely outstanding natural beauty, beyond the peaks of the Carpathians or the Danube Delta, Romania is also a country of artists and for artists, inspiring and provoking the imagination and emotional response of anyone who has an eye for beauty and meaning. Instead of just traveling to Romania to just see some nice places or meet some amazing people, you could also learn to truly feel what it is really about, discovering an authentic destination, a marvelous place that is best described by its culture. So, it would make for an outstanding experience to see Romania through the eyes of artists.

From great poets and writers to magnificent composers and painters, Romania has thousands of colors and marvels. There were many who tried and succeeded to describe the treasures of Romania in an artistic way, unraveling the significance of a place, a landscape, a monument or even something immaterial, a tradition. The first artists that should be remembered are those unnamed popular artists, those that put into words and songs the beauty of the places they were born in, their love for their country and people. There are many examples of beautiful stories, poems and songs that have no author, coming from the depth of history and from the common people. Some of these are still being recalled today, through folklore songs that praise the nature and culture of Romania. Even more, Romania should also be viewed through the eyes of its artisans and craftsmen, creating unique masterpieces that evoke their country, from colorful ethnic costumes or pottery, to woodworks and musical instruments. Romania should be first understood through the eyes of these unnamed artists for a raw and authentic image.

Parâng Mountains of Romania

Going further, this destination has given the world great artists, some famous in the whole world, like the master of modern sculpture, Constantin Brancusi, that was born in a peasant family from a small village in Gorj county, becoming famous in Paris and beyond and leaving his dear country a priceless heritage. The great genius of Brancusi came from his love for the pure shapes and popular wisdom of the Romanian people. Then there’s the national poet of Romania, Mihai Eminescu, who put into heart touching rhymes the most beautiful feeling in the world, including the beauty of his country. George Enescu and Ciprian Porumbescu created some of their best operas and symphonies inspired by the lands of Romania. The most famous and praised Romanian painters, like Nicolae Grigorescu, Nicolae Tonitza and others, have created a touching image of their beloved country, with its landscapes and people. These are just some of the hundreds and hundreds of artists that have created an everlasting feeling of what Romania is all about, more valuable and useful than any travel guidebook.

To truly see Romania through the eyes of artists, one has to discover all the places that present or inspired these artists, from the picturesque landscapes to the villages and castles, from the museum to the memorial houses and more. A visit could start from Bucharest, visiting the most important cultural institutions, like the National Museum of Art, the Romanian Athenaeum or the best theatres in the city.  Taking a stroll through the Old Town Centre of Bucharest, you will also discover old cafes and taverns where artists used to spend their time in the old days, as well as art galleries and small antique shops. Head over to the Popular Art Museum and the Village Museum for an insight into another part of the artistic side of Romanians. Throughout the country, there are numerous such places of great artistic significance, like the cities of Iasi, Brasov, Constanta, Cluj-Napoca or Timisoara, these and many others have great museums, memorial houses and art galleries. Head over towards the Carpathians and the remote villages of Romania to discover an authentic image, one that inspires art and culture from every tree and hill.

Not only Romanian artists have been inspired by the beauty of the country, people like Bram Stoker or Jules Verne having chosen these places to great fascinating stories, like the legend of Dracula or the “Castle in the Carpathians”. Exploring the past of Romania, there are numerous examples of great travelers that have praised the destination and its heritage. There is nothing like trying to see Romania with the imagination of an artist, the charm and beauty that has been an inspiration for so many. Some of the most famous and interesting places to explore in Romania include the Carpathian Mountains and their hiking trails, the Danube Delta, the Black Sea, the monasteries of Bucovina, the churches of Maramures, the fortified churches of Transylvania, the castles of Bran or Hunedoara and many others.

True artists will definitely fall in love with these places, they will have the ability to discern the authentic and fascinating soul of Romania, going beyond the usual misconceptions and myths. Following the line of time, there are also contemporary artists that show the world their true country, the way they see it. Young artists take everyone who sees their works into an imaginary journey through the hills and valleys of Romania, through the back city alleys and dusty country roads, through the rich culture and infinite heritage. Whatever the case might be, if one wants to discover Romania, one of the best ways would be to meet it through the eyes of artists.

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