Sohodol Gorges in Romania – The Valley of Sohodol in Romania

The Sohodol Gorges are a land apart, a unique space trapped in time that charms and amazes each time; no matter how many times one enters its fascinating universe. And the Sohodol River is quite the capricious: digging for thousands of years through the mountains, it has created a unique and magnificent landscape, entering under the rocks and re-emerging elsewhere through unknown tunnels. At the first signs of draught, the river becomes unseen, while during the heavy rains, it reappears with raging torrents. Although the parts that truly impress are the gorges, disposed in several sectors, the entire valley is an extraordinary natural space, a true open air geological laboratory with a rich bio-diversity.

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The first steps in this spectacular place always stir deep emotions and the valley of Sohodol reveals its treasures right from the first meters, with vertical limestone walls that close the sky and multiply the echo of the river passing by.

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The Sohodol Gorges are among the most spectacular natural areas in Romania, incredibly beautiful and wild, with countless unique geological phenomena and fascinating landscapes. The gorges can be found north of the village Runcu, about 20 km north-west from the city of Târgu Jiu. A small road follows the valley high into the mountains, paved for the first five kilometers, but decent even further. The treasures of this valley are revealed along the river, following its course back into the higher mountains. The river was once flowing through a huge underground tunnel, but in time it collapsed, creating what we can see today on the surface. The whole valley is filled with splendid places, gorge sectors, caves and solitary rocks. In a place, the river passes through a small tunnel like a portal, isolating a limestone column, while in another, the river has created several breaches while is passes through a small cave. From the same spot, looking far on the high slopes, a rocky arch can be seen, probably the remnants of an old tunnel.

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The valley continues upwards, alternating narrow gorge sectors with larger ones where the river flows peacefully under the trees. Side valleys run into the Sohodol Gorges, some worth exploring during draught periods, when the streams dry up completely. Such an amazing adventure can be experienced up the Gropul Sec Valley, with deep canyons and stunning waterfalls (Devil’s Whirlpool). This is also an excellent destination for rock climbing and canyoning enthusiasts. The Sohodol Gorges have been declared a protected natural area, preserving exceptional and unique landscapes, as well a rich and rare bio-diversity. It can be explored with ease be anyone who loves wild and pristine nature.

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