Monastery of Tismana

A place enveloped in a fascinating aura at the limit between spirituality and magic… Tismana Monastery evokes myths and legends that deeply resonate inside your soul. The wooded crests of Vâlcan Mountains are divided by the river, forming an enchanting valley that descends from the mountains. A majestic peak overlooks to the east, while the monastery of Tismana itself rises on a cliff above the valley. Often in rainy times, a charming waterfall appears below the walls of the monastery and rages down into the river. Each season profoundly changes the scenery, surrounding the monastery in countless colors that show the divine aspect of this place. Especially during spring and autumn, the valley becomes a blessed and wonderful land.

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The monastery is located north of the town of Tismana, in southwestern Romania, along an enchanting valley at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains. Its fortress appearance, with strong walls and towers, the high location and surrounding mountains and forests greatly increase its charm. There are few historical hints on the origins of Tismana Monastery, although most accounts place it somewhere in the late 14th century, being established by Saint Nicodemus. Trough the centuries, the monastery endured many difficult times, from Ottoman raids to Austrian occupation, yet remained one of the most important and beautiful monasteries in the whole of Romania. The structure of the monastery complex were either developed or transformed along the years, many times decreasing the original architectural value.

Among tall pines and century old chestnut trees, above the crystal clear waters of Tismana river, the monastery is a true feast for the heart and the eyes. Like a fortress of spirituality, the white walls of the monastery are surrounded by the splendid greatness of nature.

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The enchanting courtyard of Tismana Monastery, filled with a multitude of colorful flowers, comes in contrast with the high white walls that surround it. Entering through the strong doors, your eyes will be captured by the slim and graceful silhouette of the church, rising in the middle of the yard. This church was built in the 16th century, after the original one became a ruin. It features a beautiful byzantine architecture with Romanian influences, although there were times when it was modified. Among other impressive features, the original 16th century paintings have been partially preserved. Another interesting feature is the amazing chapel found in the small cemetery next to the southern walls. Many of its most prized treasures were lost,, although some still remain in the small museum of the monastery. During the Second World War, the Romanian Gold Thesaurus was brought to the monastery and stored inside the nearby cave. Today, an interesting museum is housed inside the cave and tells the story of this event.

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