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Delve into a story that unfolds each day through the mountains and rivers of Romania, a destination that captures your heart with each new place you see! Start your trip to Romania by discovering its soul and heritage, with some of the last undiscovered and authentic marvels of Europe. There’s so much to experience while you visit Romania, from the last virgin forests of the continent to splendid medieval towns and castles. With the dramatic landscapes of the Carpathians, the incredibly biodiversity of the Danube Delta, the stunning painted monasteries of Bucovina or the fortified churches of Transylvania, there are countless reasons to visit Romania. This portal will help you plan the perfect trip to Romania, including the most fascinating destinations and experiences, exceptional and unique places to stay and beautiful themed tours of Romania!

Short History of Romania

Romanians see themselves as descendants of the Dacians, who lived in the Carpathians Mountains and the Transylvanian Plateau, and the Romans, who conquered most of these regions. From this shared ancestry and passing through many major migratory influences, the Romanian nation was born...

Geography of Romania

Romania features about two thirds of the entire Carpathian Mountain Range, which are divided into the Southern Carpathians (Meridionali), Eastern Carpathians (Orientali) and Western Carpathians (Occidentali), with the Transylvanian Plateau between them...

Transportation in Romania

Visiting Romania can be one of the most fascinating experiences anyone could have. Nevertheless, many travelers have little idea how to get here in the first place. Seeming such a distant and different place is a common misbelief and the truth is that Romania is easy to visit...


When you visit Romania and its magical attractions, make sure you also choose one of the incredibly unique accommodation locations of this beautiful country. Romania offers truly authentic and fascinating places to stay, from old luxurious mansions to quiet traditional country homes, from mountain lodges surrounded by wilderness to picturesque villas by the seaside. Travelers can find a wide range of unique accommodation in Romania, from the heart of the bustling cities to the most secluded countryside escapes. We have chosen the top 100 best accommodation places in Romania, thinking about their uniqueness, quirkiness, coziness and charm, but also including highly rated locations with perfect services and facilities. Feel free to choose a dream destination for your trip to Romania, insuring an unforgettable experience!

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