Best places to stay in Romania!

When you visit Romania and its magical attractions, make sure you also choose one of the incredibly unique accommodation locations of this beautiful country. Romania offers truly authentic and fascinating places to stay, from old luxurious mansions to quiet traditional country homes, from mountain lodges surrounded by wilderness to picturesque villas by the seaside. Travelers can find a wide range of unique accommodation in Romania, from the heart of the bustling cities to the most secluded countryside escapes. We have chosen the top 100 best accommodation places in Romania, thinking about their uniqueness, quirkiness, coziness and charm, but also including highly rated locations with perfect services and facilities. Feel free to choose a dream destination for your trip to Romania, insuring an unforgettable experience!

CIȘMIGIU HOTEL **** / Bucharest

The charm of old Bucharest can still be uncovered in certain corners of the city, where travelers will fall in love with the atmosphere of Little Paris. The lovely Cișmigiu Hotel is among the most precious establishments in the city, housed inside a historical building dating from 1912 with splendid art-nouveau architecture. Located just a few hundred meters from the old town and the enchanting Cișmigiu Park, this lovely hotel is certainly one of the best known in the capital of Romania. Few accommodations can pride themselves with running a successful business for over a century. The highly stylish conteporary rooms offer complete comfort and luxury, with each whim of its guests being satisfied. The hotel also features an exceptional restaurant and a brewery serving Romanian traditional food and craft beer.

60 Rooms and Suites / Queen Elisabeth Boulevard 38

Taschler Haus / Sighișoara

Imagine staying in a traditional Saxon townhouse from 1676, right in the heart of the athmospheric medieval Sighișoara. From a time long gone, the spirit of an era and the soul of a city can be found inside the Taschler Haus boutique hotel. Certainly the most unique and authentic accommodation in the town of Sighișoara, a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the few continuously inhabited medieval fortress in Europe. This enchanting hotel features ten of the most incredible rooms you could find, with each one telling a story from bygone times, named after certain important guilds in the medieval city. The rooms are also designed in a traditional way, including authentic old objects and artworks. Throughout the house, there are many fascinating works of art, paintings and furniture that make this a veritable museum. The whole house is a historical monument and used to be a bakery during medieval times.

10 Rooms (3 double std., 3 double sup., 3 family suites) / Hermann Oberth Square, no. 4 / Sighișoara

Ravens Nest / Alba County

Hidden in the wild heart of Transylvania, a few wooden houses can be found deep between the hills and forests of this magical land. Capturing the hearts of countless guests after its quick rise to fame following a feature on a popular Youtube travel channel, Raven’s Nest offers one of the most authentic travel experiences you could imagine. In complete communion with its natural environment, it appears as a emote village made of a few traditional wooden houses lying on a hilly slope. Guests can find a piece of the authentic rural atmosphere of Romania at Raven’s Nest, with perfectly equipped houses made of natural materials, organic traditional cuisine including ancient recipes, a stunning hot tub with one of the best panoramas in the world, outdoor cinema, campfires and fascinating trekking opportunities through the surrounding landscape. Raven’s Nest is the perfect base to explore the magnificent sights of central Transylvania, including waterfalls, canyons, caves and authentic villages.

11 Rooms in 3 Houses / Sub Piatră / Sălciua de Jos / Alba County

Archia Manor **** / Hunedoara County

Traveles who wish to feel the ultimate hospitality of Romanian hosts should definitely choose the Archia Mansion, one of the signature accommodation names in Transylvania. Located in the village of Archia, just south of the city of Deva in Hunedoara County, this is a complete accommodation experience. Becoming a trademark of affordable luxury and the perfect mix of comfort and adventure in an authentic setting, the mansion offers 15 unique rooms that are designed and equipped to reflect certain themes, as well as an enchanting villa over the river. The amazing herald rooms of Archia include the Poppy, Trees, Roots, Hunting, Horse, Traditional, Lavender and other uniquely themed rooms. The prestigious Carol Restaurant offers high class traditional and international delicacies in a very intimate and charming atmosphere. Guests of Archia Mansion can also experience horse riding, tennis courts and a fabulous swimming pool.

15 Rooms + 1 Villa / Zăvoi Street / Archia – Deva / Hunedoara County

Atra Doftana ***** / Prahova County

In the middle of the Carpathian great outdoors, there are some truly astonishing places where hospitality meets innovation, creating a unique Romanian travel experience. The special Atra Doftana is among the most exquisite examples of unique accommodation in Romania. It is located on the shore of a mountain lake created along a side valley travelers can access on the road between Bucharest (115 km) and Brașov (80 km). The idyllic Doftana Valley is the background of this superb concept of accommodation, evrything revolving around nature and revitalisation. Each of the discreetly designed large rooms has a terrace ovrlooking the lake and the mountains, also offering large windows, private bathrooms, floor heating and more amazing features. The property also has a gourmet restaurant, where visitors can sample amazing fine dining dishes, as well as campfires, mountain biking, hiking and other oudoor activities.

10 Rooms + 1 Private Villa / Fundătura Cerbului / Teșila / Prahova County

Hadar CHalet / Buzău County

Travelers who wish to escape all of the world and civilization, reaching a place that almost seems surreal, should definitely give Hadar Chalet a look. This mesmerizing lodge is located deep in the mountains of central Romania, on a remote side valley parting from another road goong through the Carpathians. About 70 km west of Brașov and 175 km north of Bucharest, this secluded location is surrounded by mountains and deep forests, built in a traditional style in a small clearing. Hadar Chalet offers standard, premium and deluxe rooms, suites and penthouses that are perfectly equipped and designed for a comfortable luxury experience. There is also a traditional restaurant, an event barn, a seasonal pool, movie rooms and other entertaining games and activities. On top of everything, the whole complex is surrounded by lush garden for a complete immersion into the natural world.

12 Rooms & Suites / Siriu / Buzău County

Polizu Manor ***** / Iași County

The fabulous estate of the Polizu Manor sits lavishly in the hills of Moldavia, surrounded by forests, fields and vineyards, close to the famous Murfatlar Wine Region. The historical building with beautiful architecture was built by the end of 19th century and completely renovated in 2011, bringing back some of its former glory and charm. A nobiliar residence in the past, the estate welcomes guests today in standard and deluxe rooms with turn of the century furniture and finishes. The resident chef creates culinary delights each week in the restaurant located on the estate, also open for private events. The guests can also indulge in wine tastings inside the cellar, while the enchanting lounge offers a nice atmosphere. There is also an artifficial salt room, while the property can also organize cooking classes and cultural tours, while the surrounding area is perfect for outdoor walks.

18 Rooms (7 deluxe, 7 superior, 4 standard) / Maxut / Deleni / Iași County

Zabola Estate **** / Covasna County

The true spirit of yesteryear can be found in the core of the Carpathian Mountains, where an old castle estate has been transformed into one of the most fascinating and unique accomodations in Romania. Travelers who wish to experience life as royalty can visit the Zabola Estate, an impressive complex that has managed to revive history and make it available for anyone. With a touch of luxury and elegance, the estate is located in the village of Zăbala, surrounded by the Carpathians in the geographical center of Romania. Only 65 km from Brașov, the estate grounds cover a large aea with woods and enchanting gardens, while the historical buildings date back for many centuries. Zabola Estate features four guesthouses that served prior purposes, as well as a former hunting lodge, yet the main draw is the Count Mikes Castle itself. Apart from the superb rooms with lavish and romantic design, the estate alse offers a luxurious dining experience in the former stables, terraces, ponds, lakes, sauna, hiking trails and other activities.

20 Rooms + 1 Apartment with 4 bedrooms / Zăbala / Covasna County

Conacu Boierului **** / Mehedinți County

At the southwestern foot of the Carpathians and overlooking the charming plateau of Mehedinți, this amazing gursthouse features one of the most appreciated traditional Romanian restaurants in the region, offering delicious food made from fresh local ingredients. The enchanting accommodation features traditional and original rooms with authentic design and perfect facilities. Each rooms is decorated according to the various historical regions of Romania, offering an authentic atmosphere. Conacu’ Boierului (Noblemen’s Mansion) combines the luxury of a four star accommodation that offers top quality services, with the pleasure of staying and eating in a traditional Romanian fashion. Travelers will also find a wide variety of splendid sights, including several natural wonders located in the same village, as well as caves, gorges, mountains and more.

14 rooms (4 twin, 5 double, 5 suites) / Ponoarele / Mehedinți County

Maldăr Manor **** / Vâlcea County

The Romanian countryside hides veritable historical and architectural treasures. Some of them have been tastefully restored and transformed into hospitality getaways for those looking of tranquility and peace. In the historrical region of Oltenia and close to the small town of Horezu, there is an old mansion (cula house) that has become one of the most incredible accommodation experiences in the region. The Maldăr Mansion offers unique traditional rooms that feature authentic wooden furniture and other elements that are hundred of years old. These create a special atmosphere where guests are transported back in time, surrounded by antiques and the lush extensive garden of the estate. In the courtyard, there is an equally beautiful dining room in a traditional space and serving delicious local food, as well as a swimming pool.

18 Unique Rooms (14 doubles + 4 single) / Măldărești / Vâlcea County

Sunrise Glamping Retreat / Argeș County

Waking up in the morning with the unforgettable panorama of the wooded hills in the most rural areas of Romania is certainly a magical experience. Glamping, while being a new concept in Romania, is becoming extremely popular and there are more and more locations. The Sunrise Glamping Retreat is one of the most interesting options where guests can sleep in tents or small wooden structures in the middle of pristine nature. With all the comfort od a regular guesthouse, but the added feeling of being outside surrounded by the green forest, these locations are truly exceptional. The location offers breakfast, sauna and other services. Featuring complete privacy and comfort, the Sunrise Glamping Retreat is located in the southern foot of the Carpathians, close to the townof Curtea de Argeș and the spectacular Transfăgărășan Mountain Road.

Tents for 2-4 people / Piatra-Galeșu / Brăduleț / Argeș County

Haller Estate **** / Mureș County

There are travelers who settle with just a bed and a roof over their heads, while others think that a unique accommodation in Romania is part of the experience. Among the most incredible places to stay in Transylvania, an authentic castla, completely renovated and brought to its former exuberance, is certainly at the top. Located just 30 km from the city of Târgu Mureș on the road to Cluj Napoca, the stunning Haller Castle is the best example of magnificent lodging in Romania. Built in the 17th century and completely renovate in a classic baroque style, the castle now welcomes its guests in splendid rooms and apartments with stylish furniture and decorations. The locations also features a high class restaurant with traditional and international menu, as well as a stylish ambiance. Haller Castle in the heart of Transylvania also offers a wine cellar and a spa center.

15 Rooms (std. double, twin, single, deluxe double) / Ogra / Mureș County

The Carpathian Cottages / Hunedoara County

In the deep wild heart of Romania, visitors can get closer to their primordial feelings by experiencing an authentic accommodation space. The fascinating Carpathian Cottage and Tree Cottage are two lovely locations in the remote Apuseni Mountains, far from the meddling world and modern civilization. Deep in the rural heaven of Transylvania and surrounded by astonishing landscapes, a traditional old but restored wooden cottage and a lovely small treehouse are as close as anyone can get to the mystical world of the authentic Romanian countryside. The house offers superb traditional design and amenities, mostly using wood and natural elements. Guests have complete privacy, with only a few scattered houses in the nearby hills. There are plenty of awesome hiking paths and beautiful places to visit in the area.

1 Cottage + 1 Treehouse (up to 6 people) / Păulești / Bulzeștii de Sus / Hunedoara County

Egreta Complex / Caraș-Severin County

Surrounded by the magical  and wild scenery of the Danube reaching the mountains between Romania and Serbia, this superb complex include fifteen wooden lodges built on pillars right above the river. All of them are linked by a long pontoon that stretches to the shore, while each house is private and opens towards the astonishing landscape of the Danube. Guests can lounge on the private terraces and watch the barges and cruise boats passing by, while they can also experience fishing. Each wooden lodge includes a bedroom, a living room with sofa, large outdoor terrace, private bathrooms and other amenities. Egreta Complex is located in an amazing area boasting with tourist attractions, including the Cauldrons of the Danube, the danube Defile, the Nera Gorges – Beușnița National Park, the Bigăr Waterfall and many others.

15 pillar houses / Berzasca Village no. 458 / Caraș-Severin County

Bethlen EstatES / Mureș County

In the hills of central Transylvania just south of the Sighișoara Citadel, there is an old restored mansion awaiting guests in the middle of wooded hills and idyllic plains. Bringing a touch of luxury to an otherwise completely authentic rural experience, the Bethlen Estates sit at the core of the pristine natural wilderness of Transylvania. Located next to the historical treasures of the village, with an old castle and a fortified church, the estates offer exquisite accommodation in the 300 years old Caretaker’s House and the newly opened Depner House, with superb contemporary designed rooms with a traditional touch. The main house includes a dining rooms, a fully equipped kitchen, a sanarium and a library. The true highlights of the Bethlen Estates Transylvania are the wide range of amazing activities available for guests, including horseback-riding, cycling, hiking, wine-tasting and picnics.

4 Rooms + 1 House / Criș / Mureș County

Transylvania Log Cabins / Hunedoara County

There are plenty of places to evade in Transylvania and among the most exciting, travelers can choose a cozy wooden lodge in the middle of nowhere. There are destinations where one can almost feel the spirit of the place and the warmth of the host. Transylvania Log Cabins is small but fascinating project featuring a welcoming wooden cabin and a small tree house, where visitors are surrounded only by the thrills of birds. Surrounded by many amazing sights and the Carpathians mountains, it is located just a few kilometers from the town of Hațeg in southeastern Transylvania. The log cabin features natural design and architecture, with most elements made of wood, with a traditional note. With a self check-in and a fully equipped kitchen, guests will have total privacy and relaxation. The small tree house is beautifully designed, oferring a comfortable yet unforgettable experience.

2 Rooms + 1 Tree House – 8 Guests max. / Peșteana / Densuș / Hunedoara County

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