Sighisoara Travel Guide

Sighișoara Medieval Citadel – The Jewel of Transylvania

We can discover countless stories on the cobblestone streets, through the colorful houses and between the towers of this old fortress. There are few destinations in this world that stir up so many emotions and experiences like Sighișoara Citadel, a magical place that transcends time and can take us to […]

Stone Church of Densus Land of Hateg Romania

Land of Hațeg – Ancient Dinosaurs and Stone Churches

In the heart of Romania, there is a historical region deeply rooted in the millennial past of this country, a place where history comes alive among the dinosaur fossils and ancient Dacian fortresses. There is a strong presence felt through each village, road or forest of this bewitching land of

Heroes Path - Endless Column - Constantin Brancusi 03

Heroes Path Monumental Complex and the Town of Târgu Jiu

We can find the only place where the sky has been eternally stitched to the earth in the “City of Brâncuși’, a small Romanian town that has become a unique cultural destination. Considered the “father of modern sculpture”, Constantin Brâncuși left the world a priceless artistic heritage, but nothing compares

Sibiu Romania - Sibiu Travel Guide

City of Sibiu – “The City with Eyes”

With its red-tiled roofs that seem to watch us as we are wandering around its quaint streets, with the astounding panoramas of the Carpathians rising to the south and the gentle Transylvanian hills to the north, with a unique multicultural and multi-religious heritage that spans over many centuries, Sibiu offers

City of TimiȘoara – The Serene Charm of “Little Vienna”

It is impossible to walk for a few days through the heart of Timișoara and not fall in love with this amazing city. Wandering around the streets of the old fortress, among the elegant facades of old palaces, or slowly floating along the peaceful Bega River, with the majestic cathedral

City of Brasov – “Fortress of the Seven Bastions”

Tucked away in the mountains of central Romania, we can find a city that captures the essence of a perfect mix between sublime nature and enduring historical heritage. Brașov can be considered the tourist capital of Romania, connecting the medieval jewels of Transylvania with the south of the country and

The Traditional Rural Civilization Museum ASTRA in Sibiu

The Traditional Rural Civilization Museum ASTRA in Sibiu

An important piece from the soul of the Romanian village has been gathered in the Grove of Sibiu (Dumbrava Sibiului), where one of the largest open-air museums of Romania and Europe has been created many years ago. Along the time, many treasures of the traditional Romanian rural civilization have been

The Museum of Glass Painted Icons of Sibiel

The Museum of Glass Painted Icons in Sibiel

A true temple of Romanian religious rural art from past centuries can be found in the charming village of Sibiel, located just 20 km from the city of Sibiu and part of the Mărginimea Sibiului ethnographical area. One of the richest and most beautiful collections of glass painted icons in

Biertan Fortified Church 1

Fortified Churches of Transylvania – Cultural Heritage of Romania

We can discover an impressive number of marvelous fortified churches dotting the idyllic countryside in the southern part of this legendary region. Our journey will explore some of these marvelous monuments that are a unique legacy from the troubled medieval past of Transylvania. Once, over 300 of these rural architectural

Bucharest Old Town 01

Bucharest Old Town – A Journey in The Heart Of Bucharest

As the evening sets in, especially during the warm season, Bucharest Old Town transforms into a completely different place and the atmosphere changes dramatically. The pace becomes almost hypnotic, with rivers of people overflowing into the most vibrant streets, frantically searching for the popular restaurants, pubs, and nightclubs! Every journey

Victory Avenue in Bucharest 25

The Bohemian and Quaint Victory Avenue of Bucharest

Walking along the marvelous Victory Avenue, we get a sense of the city’s soul, a perfect blend of past and present, sometimes with astonishing effects. Each step reveals new treasures and secrets, a perfect combination of fast cars and tourist buses, luxurious storefronts and decrepit facades! Victory Avenue encloses the

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