Iron Gates Natural Park Romania Travel Guide

Iron Gates Natural Park – The Unique Splendor of the Danube

As we finally reach the mighty Danube, the landscape changes dramatically, with the emerald ribbon of the tumultuous river caught between the abrupt ridges of the mountains. We hereby enter a magical land (Iron Gates Natural Park) of astonishing scenery teeming with rare and unique life, where the breathtaking sight […]

Jiu Defile in Romania Aerial View

Jiu Defile National Park – Endless Struggle of a River

Although partially tamed once the road and railway were built almost a century ago, the Jiu Defile still preserves its spectacular wild scenery, with the ancient forests covering the steep ridges of the mountains on both sides of the raging river! One of the most beautiful and wild areas of

Danube Delta of Romania Birds 4

Danube Delta of Romania – The Paradise of Water, Birds and Fishermen

Within Romania, there is also a chance for us to explore a unique and mesmerizing land of Europe, where life takes new coordinates and people are simple spectators of a show that nature bestows with each moment and season. Through hidden canals and over lakes filled with life, traveling in

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