Best Time to Visit Romania

What is the Best Time to Visit Romania?

Although visiting Romania is always a great idea, there are actually certain things to consider regarding the time of year a traveler would visit. Weather is actually a big factor in the overall travel experience and everyone wishes to only have wonderful days with nice temperatures and clear skies. Romania […]

Danube Delta of Romania Birds 4

Danube Delta of Romania – The Paradise of Water, Birds and Fishermen

Within Romania, there is also a chance for us to explore a unique and mesmerizing land of Europe, where life takes new coordinates and people are simple spectators of a show that nature bestows with each moment and season. Through hidden canals and over lakes filled with life, traveling in

Rupea Fortress in Romania 3

Rupea Fortress in Romania – Historical Heritage of Romania

Once completely ruined and abandoned, the majestic fortress of Rupea rises once again above the surrounding hills. We can now see the old fortress returned to its former glory, guarding the road between Brașov and Sighișoara! Enveloping a tall hill like the shell of a giant snail, the ramparts of

Biertan Fortified Church 1

Fortified Churches of Transylvania – Cultural Heritage of Romania

We can discover an impressive number of marvelous fortified churches dotting the idyllic countryside in the southern part of this legendary region. Our journey will explore some of these marvelous monuments that are a unique legacy from the troubled medieval past of Transylvania. Once, over 300 of these rural architectural

Bucharest Old Town 01

Bucharest Old Town – A Journey in The Heart Of Bucharest

As the evening sets in, especially during the warm season, Bucharest Old Town transforms into a completely different place and the atmosphere changes dramatically. The pace becomes almost hypnotic, with rivers of people overflowing into the most vibrant streets, frantically searching for the popular restaurants, pubs, and nightclubs! Every journey

Victory Avenue in Bucharest 25

The Bohemian and Quaint Victory Avenue of Bucharest

Walking along the marvelous Victory Avenue, we get a sense of the city’s soul, a perfect blend of past and present, sometimes with astonishing effects. Each step reveals new treasures and secrets, a perfect combination of fast cars and tourist buses, luxurious storefronts and decrepit facades! Victory Avenue encloses the

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