Stone Church of Densus Land of Hateg Romania

Land of Hațeg – Ancient Dinosaurs and Stone Churches

In the heart of Romania, there is a historical region deeply rooted in the millennial past of this country, a place where history comes alive among the dinosaur fossils and ancient Dacian fortresses. There is a strong presence felt through each village, road or forest of this bewitching land of […]

Rupea Fortress in Romania 3

Rupea Fortress in Romania – Historical Heritage of Romania

Once completely ruined and abandoned, the majestic fortress of Rupea rises once again above the surrounding hills. We can now see the old fortress returned to its former glory, guarding the road between Brașov and Sighișoara! Enveloping a tall hill like the shell of a giant snail, the ramparts of

Biertan Fortified Church 1

Fortified Churches of Transylvania – Cultural Heritage of Romania

We can discover an impressive number of marvelous fortified churches dotting the idyllic countryside in the southern part of this legendary region. Our journey will explore some of these marvelous monuments that are a unique legacy from the troubled medieval past of Transylvania. Once, over 300 of these rural architectural

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