Dumești Village – Magical Countryside of Romania

The traveler that has the luck or inspiration of reaching the less known corners of the Apuseni Mountains in Romania will unavoidably uncover a magical world that almost seems frozen in time, far from the bustle of civilization that seems to stop at the foot of the mountains. To reach the village of Dumești, the road follows the idyllic valley of Arieș River, leaving from the town of Turda and quietly climbing between the wooded ridges. Amongst little wooden houses with roofs made of hay, spread throughout lush pastures filled with colorful flowers and herds of sheep and cows, the village of Dumești almost looks surreal, often hidden under the morning mist.

Dumești Village of Romania © Silviu-Florin Salomia

The little remote hamlet is part of the Sălciua settlement in Alba County, located on the Arieș Valley, about 50 km from the town of Turda and 45 km from Câmpeni. The road starts in Turda and quickly enters the Apuseni Mountains, following the river for about one hour, before it reaches the village of Sălciua, where travelers have to turn left and continue up a narrow road that ascends up the lower ridges dominated to the east by a high plateau known as Bedeleu. Although very narrow and twisted, the road is paved all the way to Dumești, continuing towards other charming secluded villages in the mountains.

Dumești Village of Romania © Silviu-Florin Salomia
Dumești Village of Romania © Silviu-Florin Salomia

The village of Dumești is more of a seasonal settlement, with old wooden shacks spread around, where the villagers mostly come to tend for the animals and grassland. The travelers that arrive for the first time on these lands are mesmerized by the serene landscapes that open up in all directions, the hay-roofed houses appearing in the middle of pastures and often surrounded by an almost mystical aura. Besides the unforgettable scenery, the area also offers many natural and cultural treasures. From the place where the paved road ends, one can continue for a few kilometers to reach the unique accommodation known as Ravens Nest, while further away travelers can reach the natural reserve of Vânătările Ponorului, a unique karst area known as a polje. In this wild landscape, the waterfall of Dalbina is truly spectacular, with its 25 meters double drop, also being surrounded by deep sinkholes and caves. From the ridge of Dumești, there is also a path towards the village of Sub Piatră, which can also be reached by following a road from Sălciua. There, travelers can admire the Sub Piatră Hermitage, the small wooden church and the Huda lui Papară Cave, one of the most unique and interesting caves in Romania, although it is closed for visitors. Overall, the whole area surrounding the village of Dumești is magnificent and it worth exploring for its sublime and authentic charm.

Dumești Village of Romania © Silviu-Florin Salomia

Accommodation Near DumeSti Village

Gherman Villa

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Located in the main village of Sălciua de Jos, this exceptional villa welcomes guests with amazing rooms, a traditional restaurant, terrace, large garden, free internet access and a lot of activities.

GRandparents House

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Located in the remote village of Valea Geogelului, this traditional guesthouse offers superb surroundings and beautiful wooden design, as well as great rooms, common kitchen and large garden.

Cozy Hut Retreat

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This little traditional hut is located in the wilderness, a few kilometers from Dumești. It is only accessible along a 1 hour hiking path. It offers one bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom and activities.

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  1. Hello, I’ve travelled a lot in Maramures and other parts of Transylvania but not to the Apuseni Mountains. I’m a photographer and was interested in finding remote traditional villages. I saw your post on Dumesti. Would this be a good place to come end of September/early October to see traditional harvests, hay making, local traditions? Are there other villages nearby? Many thanks, Jo

    1. Hi Jo! Soryy I could not reply to your message earlier! Yes, end of summer is the perfect time to visit the Apuseni Mountains! If you also like autumn foliage and fog, I would advise to visit in the second half of October! There are other remote and less known villages nearby, but you will need a 4×4 vehicle to explore the area, as the roads are only dirt most of the times. If you plan a trip, let me know and I could send a few recommendations for other destinations in the Apuseni! I also plan to visit in either spring or autumn! All the best!

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